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Saturday, 21 January 2012

About Us : MESTA

MESTA of UiTM stands for Medical Student Association of UiTM

Foreword: Presiden of MESTA 2010/2011

Hoping for better things for a better future
Assalamualaikum and a very good day to my fellow colleagues, juniors and seniors who manage to take a liberty on reading this short speech of mine. As all of us already know, internet have become a medium not only limited as a connection between family and friends who live apart but it have been fashioned as such to act as a medium of knowledge and information.

When I was elected as a president of medical student association during our so called an election, I am in a very stressful position indeed knowing what in store for me in the near future. As I thought, it has been such a year for me to balance between my studies and my role as a president but regardless, I do enjoy the experience that I get from this position. However, as a leader, when I was forced to held this responsibility, the only thing that came across my mind is to contribute as much as I can, hoping to create a better result in things that I can grasp with all of my friends in term of academics, social and sportsmanship perhaps. To be honest, what I dream of is only to tie the loose knot between batches so that all of us will feel the important of each other and to re-organize our association so it will make the life of president after me a lot more easier. I may not be the best for this position and I don’t want to be the best alone even if I had the chance, if I can make name in changing, it will be with all of u.

When talk about making a blog that can be access by lecturers and students came from our advisor, I am delighted with that idea thinking it will be a medium to conveyed wishes of students and lecturers alike. Furthermore, with this blog, information of any events can travel fast, news between campus can be shared and the latest happening tragedy can be shared almost immediately among us and lecturers.

Also, I want to to take this opportunity to thanks Multimedia and Information EXCO of MESTA spearheaded by Nadzirah bt Russlan for their hardwork in creating this blog despite of shortage in helping hand and I hope the next generation can continue the stepping stone that they have provided. Last but not least, I hope this will be one of many good things that will happen for many years to come in our life as a medical students….

Thank u

President of MESTA 2011/2012
Khiddir Nasharuddin



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