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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Strength From Within

 by Andrean Husin

Alhamdulillah, our MESTA website is again up and running. Congratulations to the Communication and Multimedia Exco and the rest of the MESTA members in making this a reality. Good job!

Previous (uploaded) article that I have written had touched the subject of improving the mastery of English language. I feel very strongly about this point, especially for UiTM. I do hope some sort of plan can be implemented by MESTA in the next academic year.

Medicine as a discipline has always been very demanding. The recent news of the death of a houseman in one of our government hospital has created a bit of a ripple in the top management of the country. The news itself has been somewhat downplayed for obvious reasons, but the impact is felt nevertheless. As always, only when death occured, there will be actions taken or move made in order to 'correct' the situation. It may be a case of broken bridge, exposed wires, leaking dam, infected training pond etc; only when death is reported, action is taken. I say reported because, in many cases, these incidents are not even reported, thus no acttion will ever be taken to improve the situation.

Why do we have to wait until some unfortunate things to happen before we do something right?

My students know that I am not someone who keep my feelings to myself. I have taken the liberty to meet each batch of the clinical year students personally, despite all the trouble the students had to endure to be in one place and spoke my heart out. 

I have expressed and explain my feelings about the need for some internal change in the individual students. Medicine will always be tough and even with passage of time, I still feel that it is going to be tough. There will not be any short cuts. There will be a lot of sacrifice, hardship, sweat and tears. The strength to face all of these will need to come from within.

I have always believe our strength lies in our faith, our religion. This will be the guide for our actions, the support in our hour of need and  despair, and the pillar of strength to face problems. Religion should be our principle guide and it should be practiced properly, in all of our daily activities. This is my believe.

Thus I hope that we can start thinking of plans to make this a reality!