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Friday, 21 December 2012

The KingPin (new)

Hye ..Assalamualaikum…and Hello Readers. ..!  :D

A lot of Medicine stuffs to learn, right. Fuhh~  Breathless. Study, study, study and study but do you ever wonder who discovered ALL of these ‘stuffs’ ? I bet the answer is no. Well, me too. Hehe. :D  
So, here is some useful information that I would like to share.. about our KINGS of medicine -  the people who had discovered ALL about what we learn today. Kings of Medicine ? Who ? Ok, have you ever heard of these name … Avicenna? Or Hippocrates ? I bet yes. But, do you know what did they contribute in medicine ? ?

Oh, yes, welcome to our new segment ; The King Pin ! It’s not compulsory but if you have some leisure times, feel free to spend it here. J

Before I start my real The King Pin session, I would like to show you something. Something that I think we should know first before we know them. I made it myself. But, don’t worry. It’s all based on my readings – published book, text books, and also our beloved fellow Wikipedia.
I present to you. Taraaa…

I’d love histories especially when they’re related to our Prophets. But I’m not a historians though, so I started my timeline with the most well-known ancient kingdoms, which are the Ancient Greece (Unani) and Egypt. I didn’t put the dates for before C.E because it is THOUSANDS and even MILLIONS you know. Whoaa~  I just skip that. I hope that’s okay. My handmade timeline is just a summary of our world’s history. For more details, please read somewhere else. :P

The reason why I started with the Ancient Greece and Egypt is their contributions in medicine are the oldest, since before Common Era. In this time, people believed that all illnesses are because of mystical power. However, Hippocrates (the Greek physician) disagreed and believed that the illnesses occurred naturally. Hippocrates and later Galen (the Persian physician) studied medicine at the temple of Amenhotep (Egypt). And Avicenna, from Umayyad Empire, continued the teachings from them with a lot of his additional scientific information. Finally, from the mystical beliefs, it becomes scientific based medicine.

So, readers, I mentioned some of them. Hippocrates, Galen, Avicenna…more and more…Who are they ? I will share about them later.  Check out this segment to know more about our HERO of MEDICINE in THE KING PIN !  

Thank you for reading. J
By. MsJagger.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Amazing Sardine

hello and good day, readers! Welcome to Lolol’s Bhealthy.Bgood segment.
Recently we had been informed that JPA scholarship will be given on 12th January 2013. Such a bad news, right? And the worse part is most of us dah kering dah wallet. TT-TT Be strong, guys! We will survive!
So let me introduce to you one of the ways to save our money. Simple. Eat sardine. Hehe. Jimat u’olls. Boleh makan ramai-ramai pulak tu. So, as you can see the title of this entry, today I’m gonna talk about the Health Benefits of Sardine. Well, it’s cheap. It’s delicious. It’s available everywhere. And so I love it! ;p


Based on Wikipedia, sardine is a common name that referring to various small, oily fish within the herring family of Clupeidae. It was named after the Italian island of Sardinia, where sardine were once abundant there. Hehe. I never know about the existence of that island until I read about sardine. ;p

Sardine is a prime source of Vitamin B12. It contains high levels of tryptophan, selenium, Vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium and phosphorus. Basically, there are 6 health benefits of sardine.

Number 1 à It’s good for your cardiovascular system.
§   Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA: Lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels.
§  Vitamin B12: Plays role on maintaining homocysteine balance in our body.

Number 2 à It’s good for your bone.
§  Vitamin D: Help in calcium absorption in gut.
§  Phosphorus: Important mineral for bone mineralization.

Number 3 à It has anti-cancer properties.
§  Selenium: Has powerful antioxidant activity.
§  Omega-3 fatty acid: Effective against the blood cell and lymph cell cancer like leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Number 4à It’s good for your eyes.
§  Omega-3 fatty acid: Protect against macular degeneration. It also reduces the risk of dry eye syndrome.

Number 5 à It’s good for your skin and hair.
§  Omega-3 fatty acids: Regulate oil production in your skin and hence, keeps your skin hydrated and prevents it from drying. It also prevents the release of enzyme that destroys collagen during UV rays exposure. This will make your skin look youthful. Apart from that, omega-3 fatty acid provides nourishment to hair follicles and thus preventing hair loss! So for those who worry about their hair loss, why don’t you try to eat sardine more. It will also maintain good hair luster.

Number 6 à It’s full of protein.
§  It provides us amino acids which are used by our bodies to make new proteins. And I bet each one of us know the functions of protein and its importances.

In conclusion, sardine is amazing!! It’s small, simple and yet still beneficial to this world. I hope that you guys are more interested in sardine after read this entry. Perhaps, a sardine sandwich for breakfast after this?

Oh, by the way, for those who haven’t watch Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 2) yet, please watch it. I’m not a Twilight fan actually. But I think this one is the best among the other Twilight series. And it’s worth to watch the movie. In this final sequel, the actors and the actresses gave their best shot in expressing their feelings. Plus, its graphics are so fascinating. I love it the most. ;p

Okay, thanks for reading my entry. Live your life to the fullest, folks! (My boss asked me to put this slogan: In MESTA, we care.) Hehe. Till the next time!
Lots of love,


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Medic Olympic!

Assalammualaikum and a very good sunday everybody!!!

First of all, how are you guys enjoying your weekend? I bet you guys are enjoying it to the fullest but still have enough time to lay your eyes on books. Afterall, its the life of medical student right.

Well, enough with the chitty chat. As well all now, MESTA have organized a very eventful weekend last week, MEDIC OLIMPIC. It is a sport competition between batches in our Faculty of Medicine. Alhamdulillah, there were many participants and lots of students came to give support to their own batchmate.

The two days event started with a rainy day on Saturday morning and fortunately ended well on Sunday afternoon.

Here are the list of champions and 1st runner up for every games.
Champion: year 1A
1st Runner-up: year 3

Futsal (L),
Champion: year 2
1st runner up: year 3
Futsal (P),
Champion: year 2
1st runner up: year 3

Volley (L)
Champion: year 3
1st runner up: year 3
Volleyball (P)
Champion: year 3
1st runner up: year 2.

Champion: year 1
1st runner up: year 5
Champion: year 5
1st runner up: year 1

Badminton (L)
Champion: year 1
1st runner up: year 2
Badminton (P),
Champion: year 2
1st runner up: year 3


Congratulations tu the winners!!! For those who didnt, dont worry, there'll always be a next time k!
Now, let us go through the pictures!!