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Monday, 2 December 2013

How to survive in preclinical years ?


First of all Alhamdulillah at last for the first time I wrote something in this blog. Thanks God for giving me time to write after months of delay. It such as big task for me (I mean huge) because of some reason. First,it is in English. I was previously known with my ayat sentap dan meroyan in my own blog. This is a new thing in fact my first entry in English. Second thing is this is 100% factual article. It is a problem when it was me who hate to read this kind of article. Yeah irony, non-factual person talk about fact. Third it is about time limitation that I had. A ‘busy’ and ‘dedicated’ clinical year student never miss ward work during the day and on call during the night. If u know what I mean…

Im referring back to my second reason above, find a good topic alone took a few weeks. But Alhamdulillah with a few of my friends’ suggestion for this entry Im going to discuss about  HOW TO SURVIVE IN PRECLINICAL YEARS?  

Before that let me clarify you guys something. Im currently a third year student of UiTM’s MBBS. During my Pre clinical year, Im not an excellent student who score A+ or A* during each PTs and exams. Got A sometimes, B most of the time. These are just what I did during my preclinical years until I pass my Pro Exam at the end of semester IV. I want to share it because I think it is good to do so.

Let’s start .

This is the most important thing when we do something. Our intention will guide where we are going. Sometime we can’t feel how important it is . But just hold one thing, our niat is the point where Allah grant us it as ibadah. Simple thing, it doest take more than five second. Every day when you are walking to faculty, renew your niat. When I was first year at Shah Alam campus, it took more than 20minute to reach faculty from my residential college by walking (I don’t have transportation). But the good thing was, because of that I never forget to renew my niat every single day. I this previous entry give you better discussion. So how for u guys?. In Sg Buloh, it takes less than 5 minute but still it is not an excuse.

 2)Give 100% attention during lectures
This is the easiest and the hardest thing to do. Believe me there are so many things can affect your concentration. 8 am lecture vs 2pm lecture. Anatomy lecture vs Molecular medicine lecture. Lecture’s note provided lecture vs self-catching photos lecture. USA’s lecture hall D vs USB’s auditorium 1. Actually it totally depend on how we keep our focus to 100% from 8am to 5pm. No one can give you concentration. It is about our self-effort. When we are determined, any kind of environment would not affect us. The easy part is to be concentrated and the hard part is to istiqamah.

3)Revise within 24 hour
I don’t know if this sound so cikgu-liked advice, but please do this. You can’t recall back completely what lecturers taught you in the morning for more than that period (but some of my friends can do that.Jelly..!). The most important reason why you should do this is to avoid last minute study. If you studied earlier, you may just refer your own note a night before exam.

4)Do your own note
Well, being a junior we are provided a lot of seniors’ note especially their Pro Exam note. So simple and straight to the point. I could say for example if you are going to revise Arthritis tonight, you may take 2 hour to understand the whole chapter by reading Papa Robbin. But with seniors’ note you can finish it by 30 minute plus done SGS’s questions haha. But believe me, it won’t stay in your mind for a long time. For me you should study first with that kind of thick books and make your own note from your reading. And only after that you can refer notes from your seniors to compare if there is any lacking in yours. One more thing, your seniors’ note sometimes are wrong. To be safe, please do your own.

Simple thing. Just ask and you may find the answer. It is faster and better way to gain knowledge. From the research (motivational talk always say this..) , you will learn more from what you heard compare from what you read. Ask everyone. Lecturer as well as your friends.

6)Study group
I don’t do this officially. But the point I want to stress here is study group will create a very very good discussion. My ‘study group’ came suddenly when my housemate and I study together at meja panjang (I don’t know what u call it). Especially during exam fever, the way we kept asking one another and asked again hours later just to test our memory helped us to remember medical facts. Thousand facts and you never can do it alone. By the way, there was a successful study group from my batch which well-known from their notes. They are AStarBinder J . Buddyz  takkan terpisah gittew.

7)Maximize your time
My suggestion for study period is from right after Isyak until 12 midnight. During study week, please extend until 2 a.m hahaha. But some people may say best time to study is from 3 a.m until subuh.  Maybe because of calmness and freshness (just wake up from sleep kan) you may get during this period of time. Plus,u can ‘qiamulaill’ first before study.Nice. However, it depend to individual.

8)Get some rest
I heard a rumour some of my friends especially girls study super rocket science hard. For me study until subuh never be the best way. Your body need rest . Your brain need rest. Have a quality sleep at least 5 hour daily.

9)Cool.Dont stress bebeh
Manage your stress. Just do whatever you love. Dota?Gym?Facebook?Al-quran? Please do but with one condition. Know your limit.

10)Be nice to everyone and back to Allah
The first thing we have to know to success is it doesn’t come from us. It from Allah based on our own effort. Our part is to give 101 percent and the result Allah will decide for us. Keep praying to Him. He will hear your pray if you obey His command.

I think that all what I want to stress here. It is just my opinion and I am not always right. If you find it is beneficial, please do J

  p/s:This is might be the first and last article from me.




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